Civil War Commemoration

Welcome to the Washingtonville Cemetery’s Civil War Commemoration weekend in honor of the 160th Anniversary of Gettysburg. While we are celebrating the lives and service of the members of the 124th New York Volunteers or “Orange Blossoms” that are buried with us, we are also using this occasion to honor the entirety of our Civil War veterans. These 88 veterans served our republic in 8 different states and in a multitude of roles from musicians, chaplains, cavalry, infantryman, officers, nurses, and engineers.

The Civil War celebration runs from July 1-3 and we will be hosting several events at the cemetery. In addition, leading up to the weekend’s celebration, we will be cleaning 46-48 Civil War headstones, installing new VA headstones, and cleaning the large Soldier’s Monument. We will also be dedicating the recently installed flag pole near the Soldier’s Monument in honor of Linda Standish during the three-day celebration and planting of an orange tree so that the cemetery will always have “orange blossoms” to honor those who served our republic.

The weekends events include:
Online Memorial Slide Show
A Guided Cemetery Tour
Self-guided Walking Tours
Downloadable Pamphlet
Overnight Candlelight Vigil with Nightly Roll Call w/ Bugle
Flag Pole Dedication in honor of Linda Standish
New Military Headstone Honors
Orange Tree Dedication (courtesy of Shivon@ LeVonne Inspirations!)
Programming at the Moffat Library

In addition to attending our events, you can also honor our veterans and help the cemetery maintain their graves and grounds by purchasing a luminary to “Light the Night” at their graves during the 3 night time vigils.

Or you may purchase a floral wreath or bouquet in their honor designed by local florist LeVonne Inspirations.

Our schedule is still evolving! Please stay tuned as we are nailing down a few final details but here is the tentative as we know it.

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