Light the Night

Inspired by the battleground remembrance nights at Manassas and Gettysburg where they light luminaries at dusk and hold vigils at the graves of the Civil War dead, we are holding our first ever vigil to commemorate our Civil War veterans. Starting each night at 6pm on July 1st-3rd, a bugler will play TAPS and we’ll read the names of our 88 Civil War veterans. Each veteran’s grave will have a waterproof white luminary bag with an 4″ LED candle inside that will stay lit throughout the night until 6 am when the manned, overnight vigil ends.

We’re so excited to bring this historic, time-honored tradition to Washingtonville Cemetery and we’re overjoyed that you, too, can play a part in these commemoration nights, even from afar! You can help us Light the Night to remember and honor their service by sponsoring a luminary for $18.63.

Why $18.63 you might be wondering – it’s in honor of the year the Gettysburg battle took place and it also helps the cemetery to pay for continued programming, landscaping, and renovation needs.

Civil War Luminary & Candle Sponsorship


Want to mail in a check instead of using a credit card or Paypal? Download, print, & mail!

Download the Luminary Sponsorship Form here!

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