About the Cemetery

All are welcomed on our grounds.

The Washingtonville cemetery is the final resting place of nearly 3,000 departed souls including over 233 veterans that span the American Revolutionary War to the Persian Gulf War.

Simple farmers and soldiers rest next to businessmen and politicians within our humble grounds. Despite their many varied backgrounds, most buried in our cemetery have deep familial ties to the Washingtonville community and the surrounding areas, some reaching far back into our state and nation’s earliest foundations.

The main entrance to the Washingtonville Cemetery is located on North Street on the backside of the Brotherhood Winery where a small white sign greets you. A tree-canopied gravel lane brings you into the 10-acre cemetery that consists of two main, drive-able paths – an outer ring that encompasses the cemetery with a middle path dividing it.

The Washingtonville Cemetery is being operated for and on the behalf of the First Presbyterian Church of Washingtonville by the Washingtonville Cemetery Association.

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