Cemetery Scavenger Hunts

We have seen how devastating graffiti and destruction of headstones can be to the spirit of the affected families and to the community as a whole. In order to help foster a healthy respect for cemeteries and those that lie within its grounds, we believe you must engage children at a young age. By bringing them into the cemetery, letting them look around, touch a stone, and talk/learn about the people buried there, it begins to instill the notion that these were “real people” and we should care about these sacred resting places. Scavenger hunts are a fun, engaging way to accomplish these important lessons.

Our short scavenger hunt for children ages 4-8 asks them to find simple shapes, colors, and objects throughout the cemetery. This scavenger hunt is a perfect way to help them burn off some energy with a nice, quiet walk while engaging their minds as they search for easy motifs like an angel or a cow. This gives parents the opportunity to talk to children about the cemetery and/or death. This also gives parents a chance to dispel any fears about the cemetery being a “scary place” and allows children to ask questions they may have.

Our longer (and harder) scavenger hunt is for children ages 9-13. This hunt asks them to look for traditional cemetery symbols but the military markers engage their reading skills as well. Since some symbols have multiple examples in the cemetery, we’ve asked them to tally up how many they can find as they walk through the grounds. While some examples are easier than others, some require some sleuthing to find! We believe this hunt is a special opportunity for parents to engage with their children about our community, its history, and the people who lived here.

Download the sheet here for ages 4-8.
Download the sheet here for ages 9-13.

Adults & history lovers, don’t worry… we have one coming for you shortly!

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