Information Wanted

Family memorabilia from Pam Wood.

There are some mysteries in the cemetery we are trying to solve! We are in search of information on the following individuals or families. If you have any knowledge you’d like to share, please get in touch.

Washingtonville Police
We are trying to identify individuals buried with us who served with the Washingtonville police force.

Veterans – Branch/Rank/War
We are looking for information on the rank, service branch, and if they served in a war or during peacetime for the following individuals:

Baldwin, Robert Thomas (rank)
Baldwin, William (rank)
Brown, John (rank/Civil War unit)
Brundage, Albert Palmer (rank and war)
Cannon, Mott (rank)
Clark, Lester Arthur (rank)
Cole, John (rank/Civil War unit)
Cooper, John Nicoll (rank)
Curtis, James (rank)
Denniston, Robert Jr (rank and war)
Forbes, John H (rank and war)
Giles, John (rank)
Goldsmith, Richard (rank
Gutkaiss Sr, Adolph Jerome (rank)
Halsey, Walter (rank)
Harty, Arnold (rank and war)
Hawxhurst, David Henry (war)
Hoffman, George (rank)
Hollenstein, William Herman (rank and war)
Hovorka, Charles (rank and war)
Hulse, Meeds T (rank and war)
Jones, Oscar F (rank)
Kotara, George (rank and war)
Lampe, Robert (war)
Lee, Van Ransler (rank)
Lee, William (rank and war)
Mann, Edward (war)
McCann, Guy Kenneth (rank and war)
Moffat, Robert C H (rank)
Monroe, Brandon L (rank)
Morgan, Edward W (rank)
Myers, Vincent (rank and war)
Myles, William Martin (rank, branch, & war)
O’Dell, Louis (rank, branch)
Olsen, Robert J (rank and war)
Pendell, Dr Thomas G (rank and war)
Peters, Augustus L (rank and war)
Powell, Robert Beecher (rank and branch)
Reeder, Joseph (rank)
Root, Ronald James (rank and war)
Rose, Edward August (rank and war)
Ross, Charles (rank)
Rumsey, William H (rank and war)
Schultz, Andrew (rank/Civil War unit)
Scott, Eli Dewey (rank)
Short, Richard (rank and war)
Sobiech, Frank (rank)
Tremper, William (rank and war)
Vermilling, Paul Alan (war)
Vero, Ralph Chester (rank)
Wade, James (rank)

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