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“Too Little to Be Wooed & Too Wise to Be Wed”

In the middle of the cemetery under a tree, lies a very unassuming stone with a story you’ve likely never heard before unless you were reading some obscure Revolutionary War books. Miss Anna Brewster lies there quietly, her story regaled eons ago in newspapers, rumor mills, and fictional literature. Anna Brewster was born in 1768,Continue reading ““Too Little to Be Wooed & Too Wise to Be Wed””

Clara Townsend Hudson

Today’s blog post was graciously written by Matthew Thorenz, the Adult Services Librarian at The Moffat Library of Washingtonville. A few years ago, Matt did a wonderful presentation on some of the amazing and memorable women of Washingtonville and Clara was one of his subjects. Clara shares a monument with her parents and several ofContinue reading “Clara Townsend Hudson”

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