Caroline Halsey (Robinson) Freeman

This piece was graciously written for us by Sherri Price Bruen about her third great-grandmother Caroline Halsey (Robinson) Freeman in honor of Mothers’ Day. “It is my duty to write to you upon the painful subject of your husband’s death…” Holding the official-looking letter, Caroline Freeman’s hands must have trembled with dread. Her mind mustContinue reading “Caroline Halsey (Robinson) Freeman”

Mary Elizabeth Freeman Dolson

This piece was written by Stephanie Jones about her second great-grandmother Mary Elizabeth (Freeman) Dolson. Stephanie currently resides in Germany but has been actively helping the cemetery identify and link generations of her family that is buried here. Village old-timers might remember a tiny, wooden house that once sat on the edge of the WashingtonvilleContinue reading “Mary Elizabeth Freeman Dolson”

On the Loss of Linda Standish

Words cannot express our profound sorrow for the loss of Linda Standish. Our team has lost its most valuable player. For over twenty years Linda has been the heart and soul of the Washingtonville Cemetery having served many years as superintendent and on the committee overseeing operations. Linda has helped numerous families through their griefContinue reading “On the Loss of Linda Standish”

Sharing Our Vision of the Future

If you’ve visited the cemetery, you might have noticed down at the far end toward Main Street that there is a lot of “free space” where no burials are. Most people would think that it’s space we’re reserving for future burials. However, it’s not. When the land was purchased, it’s likely they didn’t know it’sContinue reading “Sharing Our Vision of the Future”

Captain Isaac Nicoll, on the Anniversary of His Death

On this day, 158 years ago, Captain Isaac Nicoll fell in battle on the second day of fighting at Gettysburg.  To commemorate this day and his tragic death, we are pleased to regale Captain Nicoll’s patriotic story while adding new images that have likely not been seen before and to bring to light details thatContinue reading “Captain Isaac Nicoll, on the Anniversary of His Death”

Honoring Juneteenth

Today, I will be re-sharing a Facebook post that was originally written for us in honor of Black History Month by Sherri Price Bruen about her second great-grandfather Henry “Harry” Bruin. I wanted to share it again in honor of Juneteenth and to celebrate it *finally* becoming a federal holiday. There is so much moreContinue reading “Honoring Juneteenth”

“Too Little to Be Wooed & Too Wise to Be Wed”

In the middle of the cemetery under a tree, lies a very unassuming stone with a story you’ve likely never heard before unless you were reading some obscure Revolutionary War books. Miss Anna Brewster lies there quietly, her story regaled eons ago in newspapers, rumor mills, and fictional literature. Anna Brewster was born in 1768,Continue reading ““Too Little to Be Wooed & Too Wise to Be Wed””

Clara Townsend Hudson

Today’s blog post was graciously written by Matthew Thorenz, the Adult Services Librarian at The Moffat Library of Washingtonville. A few years ago, Matt did a wonderful presentation on some of the amazing and memorable women of Washingtonville and Clara was one of his subjects. Clara shares a monument with her parents and several ofContinue reading “Clara Townsend Hudson”

“Married and Dead”

There is a stone in our cemetery that causes much wonder due to it’s strange inscription; Anne H Field’s stone reads “Married and Dead” which is an odder notation than most headstones have. For us at the cemetery, we’ve always wondered was Field her married or maiden name? Who was her husband or family? AndContinue reading ““Married and Dead””