Cemetery Regulations

Visitors are always welcome to enjoy the beauty, grace, and peace of this site. Please join in our efforts to keep our burial ground safe, secure, clean, and respectful of our community and the environment.


  • Burial sites are available for purchase.
  • Ownership of plots/graves is required.
  • All interments require proper paperwork and certificates.
  • Vaults are required for all burials.


  • Permanent markers are required for all burials.
  • Foundations are required.
  • Monuments are erected according to specific guidelines.


  • Fresh flowers are always welcomed.
  • General clean-up months are April and November.
  • Planting of bushes, shrubs, and trees is prohibited.
  • Benches are prohibited at graveside and subject to removal at the cemetery’s discretion.
  • We strictly prohibit the use of wire/harsh brushes, power washers, power scrubbers, and harsh chemical cleaners such as bleach, mildew/moss killers, or even Wet & Forget type products on our headstones or monuments. Please contact us before you clean a headstone on your own!
  • The use of shaving cream or chalk to better read headstones is strictly prohibited.


  • Visitors must use care when walking/visiting cemetery grounds.
  • Entry after dusk is strictly prohibited.
  • No overnight parking.
  • No climbing on headstones or monuments.
  • Vandalism is prohibited by law and vandals will be prosecuted.
  • No alcohol is permitted in the cemetery.
  • No smoking in the cemetery, please.
  • No littering or dumping is permitted.
  • The speed limit is 10 MPH on cemetery roads.
  • No parking on top of graves.
  • Dogs are welcome but please clean up after them.

Civic / Marking Ceremonies & Special Events

Civic/marking ceremonies will be facilitated by the cemetery committee and in conjunction with civic groups through prior arrangements & approvals only. No outside organization is authorized to speak for or represent the cemetery committee. If your organization would like to suggest or conduct a special marking ceremony or conduct an event, please contact us at wvillcemetery@gmail.com.

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