Christmas Wreath Laying 2020

I know you’re all used to us having a big wreath-laying event but due to COVID, this year it’s just not feasible. Instead, we are supporting Cub Scout Pack 316 as they decorate Washingtonville Memorial Park which honors our veterans and heroes. The wreaths are $15 each and you can use Paypal or Venmo to Jackie Manzolillo-Blais on Facebook or send your check (made payable to Pack 316) to:

Pack 316
c/o Jackie Blais
74 Horton Road
Washingtonville, NY 10992

We hope next year that we can have you all back at the cemetery and laying wreaths as a community event. I know it will be greatly missed but let’s support Pack 316 and help them decorate our local park honoring all those who’ve served our community.

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