Christmas Wreath Laying 2020

I know you’re all used to us having a big wreath-laying event but due to COVID, this year it’s just not feasible. Instead, we are supporting Cub Scout Pack 316 as they decorate Washingtonville Memorial Park which honors our veterans and heroes. The wreaths are $15 each and you can use Paypal or Venmo toContinue reading “Christmas Wreath Laying 2020”

Honoring Pvt William H Halsey, 20th USCT

In December 1863, William Henry Halsey was “met on the street in Goshen” by a man named Tip Little who inquired if he would like to enlist in the Union Army. William told him that if he could get the same $450 dollar bounty that others were getting, then he would be willing to enlist.Continue reading “Honoring Pvt William H Halsey, 20th USCT”